Course: Introduction to Immunology

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Course: Introduction to Immunology


4th July 2011

Who's It For:

5th July 2011

CPD Accreditation:

University of Warwick, Coventry


2 day course covering:

  • Introduction to the cells & their organs (The haemopoetic system; Innate and acquired immunity; Generation of an immune response; Monoclonal & polyclonal responses; Immunological cross reaction; Clonal selection theory)
  • The nature & diversity of antigen receptors (Immunoglobulin structure; Classes of immunoglobulin and their functional roles; T cell receptors and diversity)
  • The Major Histocompatability Complex (MHC) organisation & polymorphism (Organisation of the genetic cluster and the polymorphism within it)
  • Function of the MHC in antigen processing & presentation (Loading class I & II MHC with peptides)
  • Effector functions (Fc receptors; Role of complement)
  • Cytokines and cell-mediated immunity (Introduction to the major players; Roles in development and differentiation; Cytokine imbalance)
  • Adhesion molecules (Roles in facilitating and stabilising interactions)
  • Transplant and tumour technology (Tissue typing, immunosuppression, allograph & cancer immunology)
  • Immunology of infectious disease (Interaction between pathogens & immunity, cytotoxic cells, viruses & parasites)
  • Autoimmunity (Mechanisms by which self tolerance are brought about and proposed mechanisms of breakdown)

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