Who We Are

BBTS Office

Based in Manchester City Centre, the BBTS office is responsible for the day to day running of the Society.  

David Noble - Executive Director
David looks after the running of the operational side of the Society, working closely with Council and the Executive Working Group on contracts, governance, events, constitutional and strategic issues, and also with the Honorary Treasurer on financial strategy. You can contact David by emailing bbts@bbts.org.uk

   Michaela Cheetham - Senior Education Officer &     
   covering Bloodlines
   Michaela works to support the administration and running of     the BBTS education programmes. If you have any questions     about the BBTS Specialist Certificates then please contact         Michaela at michaela.cheetham@bbts.org.uk

Simon Speechley - Finance Officer
Simon looks after the Society's finances, working closely with the  Executive Director and the Treasurer to help ensure the smooth running of the Society. If you have an invoice or payment query you can contact us at finance@bbts.org.uk

   Gillian Barbour - Membership Officer
   Gillian looks after recruitment and retention of all of our   
   members, working to support all member needs and queries.     If you have any questions about joining BBTS, or your   
   membership, please contact Gillian   
   at gillian.barbour@bbts.org.uk


  Charlotte Evans - Communications and Marketing            Officer
  Charlotte looks after all of BBTS communications and   
  marketing, including our Bloodlines newsletter, advertising   
  and social media. If you have any questions or wish   
  to place an advert in Bloodlines, please contact Charlotte at    charlotte.evans@bbts.org.uk


   Connor Cousins - Education Officer
   Connor works to support the administration and running of       BBTS education programmes, working closely with the       
   Senior Education Officer.  If you have any questions about       the BBTS Specialist Certificates, please contact Connor at       connor.cousins@bbts.org.uk