Specialist Certificate in Clinical Transfusion Practice

Currently in a review period - see below for the most recent update

The Specialist Certificate in Clinical Transfusion Practice is strictly for BBTS Members only. *Please note: This qualification is currently only available to UK/ROI applicants



We appreciate that many of you are eager to hear more about when the Specialist Certificate in Clinical Transfusion Practice review will be completed.

Student experience is very important to us and we are aiming to provide a course that will become a respected and key part of the profession.  Therefore, we are ensuring that the redevelopment of the CTP programme materials for the pilot year is given the appropriate time required.

Be assured, we are working hard to produce content, interactions and online activities that we think you will find interesting, of great benefit and (dare we say it) exciting.

We are grateful for your ongoing patience, interest and support for this programme and we look forward to updating you again as soon as we possibly can in the coming months.

*Please note that places will be strictly limited on the pilot course and, at present, will only be available for those based in the UK/ROI.

UPDATE: 21st September 2022

The BBTS Clinical Transfusion Practice (CTP) qualification was first delivered in 2019.  Following completion of the course and feedback from the initial cohort it was agreed by BBTS Council and the BBTS Professional Education Committee (PEC) to undertake a fundamental review of the original source course format with a view to amending for future delivery.

Course Structure

The BBTS CTP progamme (revised) has been developed to provide the learner with the knowledge, understanding, analytical and practical skills to interpret data, solve problems, apply principles and provide solutions in differing clinical transfusion situations.  It will develop learners by building and consolidating core knowledge and understanding of clinical transfusion practice. 
Each module is designed to encourage the use of analytical and practical skills required for data interpretation, critical thinking and problem solving in clinical situations.  It is aimed at learners routinely working at a Band 6 level.

The programme is a mix of mandatory and additional modules which will provide the necessary academic and practical transfusion knowledge and skills to achieve this qualification. Learners will be required to complete all mandatory modules and select three out of six of the additional modules for assessment.  The flexible nature of the qualification provides a wide range of knowledge for learners to select from.

The CTP programme is accredited by The University of Manchester and has been allocated 45 credits at level 7 (Masters).  To achieve these credits, learners are expected to participate in 10 hours of scheduled learning activities per credit i.e. 450 hours in total.  This figure is calculated based on the average time a learner takes to achieve the specified learning outcomes.  Examples of learning activities include sessions through interactive presentations, independent and self-directed study and work-based events.

To successfully achieve the qualification, learners are required to demonstrate active participation in the programme.  This will be by attendance at online discussion events in group forums facilitated by subject matter experts (SMEs) and will be monitored for the duration of the programme delivery.  During the programme, learners will be required to complete directed actions and/or reflection points in their workplace, as appropriate.

A fundamental aim of the CTP programme is to link underpinning and specialist knowledge with routine transfusion practice.  In addition, the programme will help to expand and deepen understanding of aspects of clinical transfusion with which the learner may be less familiar.  It is expected that learners will use experiences of working in clinical settings, hospital transfusion laboratory or blood service role during this programme to consolidate and enhance their knowledge and understanding. 

It is recognised that each learner’s experience and knowledge in transfusion is different and learning requirements will vary, therefore as part of the programme, learners are required to engage a workplace mentor(s) (clinical and/or laboratory based) to assist them in their development.  Learners are encouraged to plan their learning over the course of the programme with their workplace mentor(s).

Module structure & Assessment
Mandatory Modules (complete all):
Additional Modules (select 3 out of 6):
The programme assessment is comprised of two parts.  All parts of the assessment must be completed in order to achieve the qualification.
Assessment of the qualification will take place via exam assessment and practice assessment which includes production of a poster and completion of a clinical incident. 
The use of a modular format for the course is designed to allow as much flexibility in the learning for the learner.  Core modules provide essential aspects of the course that all learners are expected to achieve with the additional modules providing learners with the choice of where they want to focus their learning.

Next Steps & Timelines

Work is ongoing to develop the qualification and each module is led by a subject matter expert in that field.  Whilst a definitive start date for the qualification is not yet available, the qualification will hopefully be available in 2023 and interested learners will be kept updated on the BBTS website / via the mailing list when this information becomes available.

There will be an initial pilot programme of a small cohort(UK/ROI-based only). Priority will be given to those who had deferred from the previous version of the programme thereby followed on a first-come first-served basis (subject to eligibility and approval process).

We would like to thank you for your continued interest and support for CTP during this period of review and rebuilding and feel confident that the revised course will meet the clinical education needs of transfusion professionals going forward.

UPDATE: 21st January 2022

BBTS are pleased to inform you that we are working very hard and making good progress with the review process. Following the substantial review of content and format of the original CTP course it is intended that the revised course will be launched as a pilot programme initially, which will allow us to formally evaluate the course before delivering routinely in the future. Although it cannot be guaranteed, we are initially hoping to re-launch a pilot of the Clinical Transfusion Practice (CTP) qualification in late 2022.  As timelines are still to be fully confirmed, please continue to look at our website as further communications will be issued over the coming months, when information becomes available.

We would like to thank you all for your interest and support for CTP during this period of review and rebuilding and feel confident that the revised course will meet the clinical education needs of transfusion professionals going forward.

UPDATE: 2nd July 2021

This programme is currently under review. We are aiming for  the review and revision process to take around 12 months to complete but we cannot yet fully confirm this and as such are not yet in a position to confirm a new launch date.  When available, further updates will be posted here and circulated to those who have already signed up to the mailing list.   

Thank you for bearing with us throughout this process.

If you wish to register your interest, please email to be added to our mailing list for notifications. 

UPDATE 5th March 2021. 

Over the past 18 months, a cohort of students have undertaken the inaugural run of the above programme.  We are very pleased to report that they have been highly successful in their final results with just over 91% gaining a pass or distinction.

In line with BBTS’ commitment to play a leading role in safe and effective transfusion practice by delivering high quality education and training, we’ve looked very carefully at the feedback received from students for this particular programme and are steadfast in our efforts to provide the finest content suitable to our student needs. 

As a result of the invaluable comments received, we have decided to place the programme into a review period. This means that all modules will be reviewed and revised to ensure that the programme going forward is fully comprised of the very best, relevant and continually engaging content that will further enhance the learning of future students.

If you wish to register your interest, please email to be added to our mailing list. As soon as we have further information, you will receive notification.

Thank you.