Online CPD Tool FAQs

How much information can I record in the tool?

The data capacity of the tool is not limitless. You do not have to attach notes and supporting documents to every activity - your governing body is not likely to expect this. Attaching documents uses up a lot of space in the tool and can slow it down. Also, some activities do not have to be recorded individually, but can be grouped under one listing. For example if you attend a monthly journal club you can group these under one listing for a calendar year, rather than listing it twelve times.

How long will you store my record for?

The BBTS reserves the right to delete data that is over four years old, but we would not do this without warning you first.  Of course, you can download your CPD record and store it for as long as you like on your own computer, and we recommend that you do this regularly.

How often should I submit my CPD to BBTS?

You only need to submit your CPD record to BBTS once a year - between 1st April and 1st June.  Just hit the Submit to BBTS button and it's done!  You will get a confirmation email when you do this.

How do I save the information in each tab?

When you put information in to a row in the Work History or CPD Activities Tabs, hit enter to save that row.  You don't need to save each tab as you go along, the tool automatically saves the information for you.

How do I re-order the rows in Work History / CPD Activities / Activity Examples?

To move a row, hover your mouse over the row you wish to move, hold down the left button on your mouse and drag the row to where you want it.  Make sure you don't click on the row first as this opens the row for editing, and you can not move a row that is being edited.

I already have my current job description / summary of work in a Word document - can I upload that to the tool?

You can not upload it, but you can copy and paste it in to the relevant tab.  You can also paste text in to the other areas of the tool, such as in to the activity notes.

Can I search within the tool?

Searching is not currently possible within the tool itself, but you can download your CPD record in to a Word file and use the search function within Word.

I can't access the tool but I'm logged in to the BBTS website - what's the problem?

If you try to access the tool from your place of work you may be blocked by your employers IT security settings or firewall.  Please try and access the tool from your home computer.

I can't view documents I have uploaded at work but I can view them at home - why?

Your employer may have security settings on their IT system which won't allow you to download documents.  Similarly, the tool may appear or function slightly differently in different internet browsers.  We have tried to make the tool compatible with as many browsers as possible, but you may experience some differences with older browsers. If you are experiencing problems with the functions of the tool please try it in a different browser or from a different computer.

Is the data backed-up?

When you use the CPD tool the data is saved in the tool as you go along, and to a backup file each time you save and exit. If you experience any problems with the tool you must inform the BBTS office as soon as possible to enable us to have the best chance of retrieving your data. If you experience any issues with the tool as you are adding data please stop and contact the BBTS office immediately.