Want to further your career in Transfusion?

Welcome to BBTS Education. If you work, or are interested in working, in blood transfusion then this is the place for you.  We aim to play a leading role in safe and effective transfusion practice by delivering high quality education and training, therefore we offer the following qualifications:

Specialist Certificate in Transfusion Science Practice

Exam Results - May 2022 exam - have now been released. Congratulations to all of our successful students.

Enrolment  for the 2023-24 programme will be 1st Oct -  12th Nov 2022

A guided distance-learning programme for UK Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Biomedical Scientists (BMS) working in transfusion science either in a blood establishment (blood centre) or a hospital transfusion laboratory.

   Accredited by The University of Manchester 

Specialist Certificate in Stem Cell Transplantation Science 

Examination date for SCTS 2021/22 cohort will be the weekend of 12th / 13th November 2022 - online

ENROLMENT opening soon! 

This programme is for healthcare scientist staff working within stem cell laboratories or those who have an interest in stem cell or bone marrow transplantation.

Enrolment for 2022-23 course will take place 3rd Sept - 14th Oct 2022

Specialist Certificate in Clinical Transfusion Practice 

Currently under review.    See most recent update here

A guided distance-learning programme for UK Nursing and Midwifery registered professionals and Health and Care Professions Council registered Biomedical Scientists working in transfusion in a hospital clinical environment, a hospital transfusion laboratory or blood establishment/ centre. 


   Accredited by The University of Manchester

MSc Advanced Specialist Blood Transfusion

Update 22/10/2020

A decision was made in August 2019 to discontinue the offering to new candidates for the MSc Advanced Specialist Blood Transfusion Practice  programme delivered by BBTS in conjunction with Swansea University. The reasons for this decision were varied, which included applications to the programme being less than anticipated, ultimately to a point where provision of the programme was no longer viable.

BBTS and Swansea university would like to take this opportunity to thank all those students who did undertake and successfully complete the programme and those involved in the delivery and assessment of the qualification.

The final cohort of students are currently starting their third year and we will continue to extend our support to these students until they have successfully completed the qualification.