Generic Learning Outcomes

Intellectual skills
  1. Critically analyse clinical data
  2. Evaluate results commonly encountered in clinical transfusion practice areas
  3. Apply knowledge of clinical transfusion to address specific problems

Practical skills
  1. Present information clearly in the form of verbal and written reports
  2. Communicate complex ideas and arguments in a clear, concise and effective manner

Transferable skills and personal qualities

  1. Present complex ideas in simple terms in written format
  2. Consistently operate within sphere of personal competence and level of authority
  3. Select and apply appropriate analysis or assessment techniques and tools
  4. Actively seek accurate and validated information from all available sources
  5. Evaluate a wide range of data to assist with judgements and decision making
  6. Interpret data and convert into knowledge for use in the clinical context of individual and groups of patients and donors
  7. Work in partnership with colleagues, other professionals, donors, patients and their carers to maximise patient/ donor care

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Unit 1 - Essential Haematology and Transfusion