Specialist Certificate in Stem Cell Transplantation Science  

* Please note: You must be a BBTS member at time of application for this programme and throughout until the examination.

This programme is for healthcare scientist staff working within stem cell laboratories or those who have an interest in stem cell or bone marrow transplantation.

It is a self-study distance-learning course whereby students progress through the text book, supplementing their knowledge with the many references quoted. Questions are provided at the end of each topic for self-assessment purposes.

Next enrolment period:  3rd Sept - 14th Oct 2019

Applications received before or after this period will not be considered.  

Application Form 

Please download, complete and return to: Michaela Cheetham

Spec Cert (SCTS) Application Form 2019-20

What can I expect to learn?

Full cost: £295
(Payment will be requested once application is approved)

Course Start : Nov 2019
Course end (exam): Nov 2020

Topics covered within curriculum
SCTS Curriculum

Terms & Conditions
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SCTS Terms and Conditions - 2019

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