Upon enrolment, you will be automatically registered for the course examination in 12 months’ time.

All assessments are constructed to evaluate your knowledge and understanding while at the same time refining and expanding your intellectual and transferable skills.

In-programme (not graded):

End of programme final assessment (graded): Written Examination
The examination takes place on one day and comprises 3 papers:

Paper 1  Multiple Choice Questions

Paper 2   Short Answer Questions

Paper 3   Data and Case studies
Paper 3 takes place over 2 hours. It comprises; part A (compulsory) plus part B or C (your chosen specialism)
Please note your specialism paper is selected as indicated on your enrolment application form. You cannot choose to switch options at the examination stage.

Marking and Grading 
Exam papers are weighted: 

Exam papers are double-blind marked and collated to a PAEC approved marking scheme

Borderline exam papers are reviewed by a third independent marker; their decision is final


Results are moderated and ratified by the BBTS exam board and Manchester University.  

Important Note – only enrolled students will have access to the Student Home area and all of the online course materials.  If you are using communal ICT facilities, please ensure that you log out when you have finished using the computer.

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