ISBT Barcelona 2024 - 38th International Congress of the ISBT Barcelona, Spain
June 23rd - 27th

In conjunction with Spanish Society of Blood Transfusion and Cellular Therapy (SETS)

The International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) is excited to invite you to the 38th International Congress, set to take place in Barcelona, Spain from June 23-27,2024. 

Registration is now open for #ISBTBarcelona! Building on the success of previous congresses, ISBT Barcelona 2024 aims to meet the contemporary needs of transfusion professionals worldwide. In an era dominated by electronic communication, #ISBTBarcelona seeks to provide a platform for personal, face-to-face opinion interchange, lively discussions, and networking opportunities.

"We are excited to bring together transfusion professionals from around the world for the 38th ISBT Congress in Barcelona," said Jason Acker, ISBT Scientific Secretary. "This event will offer a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking, and addressing the challenges faced in the field."

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