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BBTS Post Nominals

What do they denote?

Most paying members of BBTS can now use the post nominals ABBTS, MBBTS or FBBTS, depending on certain criteria. Post nominals recognise your status as a member or fellow of the British Blood Transfusion Society, the professional body for blood transfusion in the UK. 

As agreed by the BBTS Council, the initials ABBTS, MBBTS and FBBTS are acronyms for the status of being an Associate Member, a Member, or a Fellow of the BBTS.

Use of the post nominals is restricted to those who are committed to their profession and their professional body, those who have met all of the requirements for membership, and who maintain that status through payment of a membership subscription fee.

Post nominals are for the purposes of indicating membership of BBTS only, and do not imply that the holder has received any qualifications from BBTS.

Users of the BBTS Post Nominal letters must abide by the rules stated on the Permitted Use of BBTS Post Nominals page

Which post nominals should I use?

Please note:

The names of successful applicants will be printed in the BBTS member publication, Bloodlines.

Fellowship of BBTS Application Form

Professional obligation

It is misleading for a non-member, lapsed member or withdrawn member to use BBTS post nominals in any circumstances, and especially where patients or colleagues could reasonably believe it to indicate current membership of BBTS. Such circumstances include but are not restricted to using the post nominals on a CV, e-mail signature, business card or letterhead. Inappropriate use or misuse of the BBTS post nominals is forbidden.

Should a prospective or current employer, professional body, colleague or similar require verification of your right to use BBTS post nominals then please contact the BBTS office.

Should an employer, professional body or similar require verification of someone’s use of BBTS post nominals, please contact the BBTS office.