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BBTS Awards

Every year BBTS acknowledges significant contributions within the field of transfusion medicine by presenting six prestigious awards.

The Bill Chaffe Unsung Hero Award

A recently added category to our prestigious transfusion awards celebrating an individual or team who has gone above and beyond in their support of the transfusion community and patients. Nominations now closed for 2024

Unsung Hero Award - Nomination Form

Kenneth Goldsmith Award - National Transfusion

The Kenneth Goldsmith Award was introduced in 1984 and is given for original research within the field of blood transfusion together with contributions to blood transfusion in general, either in the medical or scientific fields.


Mollison Award - Rewarding Innovation

This award is given by the BBTS in recognition of the outstanding contribution made to clinical transfusion medicine by Professor Patrick Mollison during his career. This award is open to BBTS members based in the UK who have made a significant contribution to the practice of clinical transfusion medicine during the course of their career.


Race and Sanger Award - Research

The society has perpetuated the names of the Robert Race and Ruth Sanger by the establishment of the Race and Sanger Award. This award is given for involvement in research and development and making an outstanding medical / scientific contribution to transfusion medicine / science.


James Blundell Award - International Transfusion

The James Blundell Award was introduced in 1984 and is given for original research resulting in an important and significant contribution to the body of medical and or scientific knowledge within the field of blood transfusion.


BBTS Gold Medal Award - Nominated by BBTS Council

The BBTS Gold Medal was introduced in 1997, and is awarded to an individual for their exceptional and long standing services to the Society and to the practice of blood transfusion in the UK. 

Past Winners