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Transfusion Practitioners

Welcome to the BBTS Transfusion Practitioner page.

This group aims to raise the profile of Transfusion Practitioners (TPs). Many hospitals, or even groups of hospitals, have only one TP in their area, meaning that you can feel isolated and disconnected from your peers.

The BBTS TP group aims to address this by encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas between fellow professionals from all the UK countries. To facilitate this, an MS Teams group is being set up which will provide a platform for discussion and information sharing –if you are wish to be added to this group please contact the relevant committee member for your region/country.

For more information see the newsletter below:

TP Group Newsletter - Issue 1 Jan 2021

Committee Documents

TP Committee Terms of Reference - March 2021

TP Telecon Minutes - Sept 2020

TP Telecon Minutes - June 2020

TP Telecon Minutes - Dec 2019

TP Telecon Minutes - June 2019

Committee Members

   Aine O'Kane (Chair)

   Alister Jones (Secretary)

   Lorraine Lewis Prosser   -   Wales Rep

Fionnuala Walker   -   Northern Ireland Rep 

  Karen Smith   -   Scotland Rep


   Angela Sherwood - England Rep (RTC West Midlands, North West)


   Ant Jackson - England Rep (RTC East Midlands, Yorkshire and The                                                                                                           Humber, North East)

  Kathleen Wedgeworth  -  England Rep (RTC South West, South                                                                                                                                      Central)

   Wendy McSporran - England Rep (RTC East of England, London,                                                                                                                 South East Coast)


If you are interested in joining a SIG please email us at: bbts@bbts.org.uk