What We Do

Blood Bank Technology

This group seeks to actively promote an awareness of the following:

The SIG therefore operates at the interface between hospital blood banks, the blood transfusion services in the UK and clinical staff. To this end we hold a meeting on an annual basis, usually in the spring, to talk about particular areas of interest, and we also invite representatives from the commercial sector to talk about and demonstrate new technology and reagents.

The SIG also holds regular meetings on the Wednesday afternoon before the BBTS Annual Conference, but these have a slightly different objective in that they are very much discussion based and much more informal than the other sessions or meetings that we hold. Occasionally we also contribute to scientific sessions contained within the main body of the annual conference.

The SIG is keen to provide a forum which is of relevance and interest to all hospital and blood centre transfusionists, and the SIG has established a reputation for holding meetings at the cutting edge of blood bank technology with lively discussions.

In addition, the SIG has also been proactive in contributing to BBTS/BCSH Guidelines on areas relevant to blood banking. The SIG Committee is represented by hospital and blood centre staff as well as specialist representatives from the IBGRL and NEQAS.

There is no membership as such of our SIG. All people who have an interest in blood banking are invited to attend our meetings, which are normally advertised through the BBTS newsletter and through NEQAS mailshots.

Committee Chair - Katy Veale