BBTS Conference 2019

Testing Times

Blood Bank Technology Special Interest Group

Day: Wednesday  |   Time: 10:30 - 12:00  |  Room: Queens Suite 1

Session Coordinators: 
Katy Veale


Characteristics of Referrals to RCI Laboratories Outside of Core Hours (AUD2611)
Matt Hazell, NHSBT 

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Do we still need a saline / immediate spin crossmatch
Richard Haggas, UK NEQAS (BTLP)

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RCI Specialised Tests AND the really interesting stuff
Robert Lees, NHSBT

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Brief Description
An overview of how the out of hours RCI service is working, and some of the rare and more interesting cases that have been seen by RCI laboratories. Looking if there is value to the immediate spin crossmatch

Intended Audience
State Registered BioMedical Scientist working in a Hospital or RCI Laboratory

Learning Objectives
1) Understand how the reference laboratories work out of hours
2) Understanding if there is value to the most simple test we do
3) Expand your knowledge on some less common antibodies

Session Tags
Diagnostics, Science & Technology