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What is Blood Transfusion?

A blood transfusion is a process that involves taking blood from one person (the donor) and giving it to someone else.

Find out more about blood transfusion on the NHS website

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What jobs can I do in Transfusion?

There is a wide range of roles within Transfusion from support staff such as health care assistants and phlebotomists, through to transfusion practitioners, biomedical scientists, clinical scientists, nurses and doctors. Within each of these roles it is possible to specialise in different areas, eg. you could work as a hospital-based biomedical scientist in areas such as transfusion, haematology or coagulation, or as a blood service-based biomedical scientist working in areas such as processing, microbiology, histocompatibility and immunogenetics, tissue banking and red cell reference serology.  There are many more opportunities depending on the role.

Where can I get information about careers in Transfusion?

You can visit the NHS careers website and look for the relevant area in which you would like to work.

We've listed a couple of common roles below:
I'd like a career in Biomedical Science
I'd like a career in Blood Sciences
I'd like a career in Haematology

Blood Services

Find out more about NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)

Find out more about the Scottish Blood Service (SNBTS)

Find out more about the Welsh Blood Service (WBS)

Find out more about the Northern Ireland Blood and Transplant Service (NIBTS)

Find out more about the Irish Blood Service (IBTS)

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