How will I study and who will be teaching me?

All course materials are designed and delivered by a team of BBTS members with specialist expertise in transfusion science practice, education and training. The course text book includes action/ reflection tasks, as well as a number of self-assessment questions and exercises to help consolidate your learning/ understanding. At different stages of the programme you will be directed to complete these activities and discuss your findings online with other students.

To be successful, active participation in the programme is required.This will be monitored during the 12 months. In order to achieve 45 level 7 credits students are expected to participate in 10 hours of scheduled study per credit. This figure is calculated based on the average time a learner takes to achieve the specified learning outcomes. Examples of learning activities include taught sessions, independent/ self-directed study, and work-based events.

You should not expect to simply read the text book and be able to pass the examination.

The following resources are supplied for this programme:

Learning at work while undertaking this programme

One aim of this programme is to link your underpinning and specialist knowledge with your everyday transfusion practice. In addition, it will expand and deepen your understanding of those aspects of transfusion science with which you may be less accustomed. It is expected that you will use your experiences of routine working in either a hospital transfusion laboratory or blood services laboratory (or both) during this programme to help consolidate your learning. 

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