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Health Technology Wales (HTW) - Digital open topic call - July 2022

A search has begun for digital solutions to the biggest challenges facing the Welsh health and social care sectors today.

Health Technology Wales (HTW) has launched a digital open topic call in a bid to identify the next big digital health technologies for Wales. It is inviting health and social care professionals, technology developers and members of the public to submit their digital solutions by July 31st.

HTW, which appraises non-medicine health and care technologies and produces national guidance on whether they should be adopted in Wales, will assess the evidence available on each digital health technology submitted. A decision will then be made on whether there is sufficient evidence to publish guidance that may support adoption of the technology in Wales. 

To find out more about the open topic call and the criteria for submitting a topic, download the letter below or visit:

      HTW digital open topic call letter- July 2022

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24 May 2024
7:16 pm