BBTS Conference 2019

Submission Instructions & Guidelines

Submissions are now closed

You should only submit an abstract if you are willing and able to attend the BBTS Annual Conference on Thursday 19th September. If your abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation you must register for the conference by 14th August 2019. Failure to register for the conference will result in your abstract being removed from publication. Successful authors receive a 50% discount on the cost of Thursday's day delegate rate.


Submission System Opens: 1st March 2019

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 31st May 2019

Notification of Review Outcome: 17th July 2019

Deadline for accepted authors to register: 14th August 2019


It is ESSENTIAL that you read and understand the instructions below before attempting to submit an abstract.

Abstract submissions should be made through our online submission portal.

Presenting Authors are requested to create an account and submit an abstract for review according to the guidelines set out below. 

The same account information will be used when you register for the conference. Please keep the email and password used to create the account for future use, do not create a new account. 

Should you require any assistance or have a query about online submission, contact  


When you have completed your abstract and pressed the submit button you will receive an automated email confirming your submission.  If you do not receive a confirmation email you should contact the Conference Organiser as soon as possible.

Please submit your abstract before 31st May, 23:59. Abstracts received after this date will not be considered. 

You do not need to register for the conference prior to submitting your abstract, however following acceptance you must register by 14th August 2019. 

If you have an accepted abstract you are entitled to get the early bird registration rate up until the 14 August 2019. You will be provided with a link to register at this rate in your acceptance email. Registrations made after this date will incur the regular conference fees.


An abstract can be submitted for presentation at the Conference as one of the following categories:

Oral Format:
Oral presentations will be 20 - 25 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions and answers

Poster Format:
Accepted posters will be asked to produce a poster for display at the conference. Presenters are asked to take note of the following guidelines when producing their poster:

At the review stage, the Programme Committee may change the presentation type submitted by the author to ensure the continuity of the conference programme i.e. oral presentation may be changed to poster presentation OR poster presentation to oral presentation. The presenting Author will be informed of any change to their submitted presentation type at the acceptance notification stage. The decision of the programme committee is final.


Your abstract should be submitted under one for the following categories.  Please read each description carefully before selecting a category.

01. Blood Donation (including donor safety)
This category is to include interventions which have been shown to improve donor care and blood donation.

02. Components, donation testing and safety, tissues, cells and cellular therapies
This category should include:
• New or improvements in blood components
• New or improved testing and safety aspects of blood donations.
• Work involving tissues, organs, gene therapies and immunotherapies.

03.   Diagnostic Science and Technology
This is a predominantly science based category. The category, for example, should include the development or usage of new tests, identification of new / unusual or interesting antibodies and new technological developments.

04. Education and Training
Where the introduction, or alteration, of an education / learning programme has shown to improve knowledge and / or skills or where training has shown to impact on patient outcome.  This category can include examples of education / training good practice and case studies.  

05. Patient Blood Management
Where an intervention, change in practice has led to better PBM, examples of good practice and case studies relating to PBM may be included in this category.

06. Quality, Regulation and Governance (including patient safety)
This category should include abstracts where an intervention has been shown to improve the quality of the output, or interventions that improve regulatory / governance aspects of work, for example laboratory based self inspection and audit (please note where the intervention is purely educational based abstracts should be submitted in the Education category). 

Please note: The abstract committee reserves the right to move abstracts to a different category if needed.


Abstracts must be original and must not have been previously published or presented at a large scientific meeting, with the exception of SHOT. If your abstract has been published elsewhere, other than SHOT, please let us know before your submission, you may still be able to submit this but it will not be published in Transfusion Medicine.

Any potential conflict of interest must be indicated upon abstract submission.


Please adhere to the following formatting guidelines when preparing abstracts for submission for BBTS 2019. Abstracts which are not correctly formatted will not be reviewed.

Your abstract must set out clearly the purpose of the study and must include data to support your conclusions. Abstracts must be submitted in good English and not exceed 350 words excluding references (although these are not necessary) and excluding the title, authors and affiliations.

Please include the following in your submission:

  • Title
    No more than 30 words and objectively describes the study

  • Introduction
    State the purpose of the study

  • Method
    Describe methods and/or study design

  • Results
    Interpret results and state their significance. Present data and results clearly, explaining terms before abbreviating them

  • Conclusion


The Presenting Author will be the contact person for the abstract and must submit the abstract. Once you enter the online submission portal, start by creating an Account. Please keep a record of the account details you use to set up the account as you will require them to log into both the BBTS 2019 abstract submission system and conference registration portals. 

Upon successful submission of the abstract a confirmation email will be sent to the Presenting Author.  If you have not received a confirmation email, please check that your abstract is not left in draft and is fully submitted by logging back into the portal and checking on the Edit Abstracts page.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can save your submission as a draft and return to edit the submission, but once it has been submitted the abstract cannot be edited after the close of submission deadline. If you require any assistance regarding the submission of your abstract, contact BBTS.

Submission Process

The online abstract submission system is a simple step by step process and will ask you to input the following details:

  • Title of the abstract (word limit is 30)

  • Presentation type (Oral or Poster, Poster)

  • Theme must be chosen from the theme list above

  • Name, affiliation, and job title of Presenting Author (this person will act as the main contact for this abstract; this person must be listed as the first author)

  • Name, affiliation, and job title of co-author(s)

  • Abstract word limit is 350, excluding Title, Authors and Affiliations

  • Complete questions listed in Additional Information.


Margaret Kenwright Award

Awarded to an individual under 40, living and working in the UK, with the highest scoring abstract in their chosen category. Find out more >

George Bird International Travel Grant

Awarded to an individual working outside of the UK, with a high scoring abstract. Find out more >


All abstracts will go through a blind peer-review carried out by reviewers selected by the BBTS 2019 Programme Committee.

Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the submitter on 17 July.

Registration of the Abstract Presenter
When notified of acceptance, the Presenting Author is required to accept the offer by registering for the conference and paying in full by 14 August.

You do not need to register for the Conference prior to submitting an abstract but if you have an accepted abstract you are entitled to get the early bird registration rate up until 14 August. You will be provided with a link to register at this rate in your acceptance email.

If a presenter fails to register by 14 August
• Will be removed from the programme
• Will be removed from all BBTS 2019 related publications

Withdrawal Conditions & Change of Presenter
Written notice must be submitted by 31 July for all withdrawals and change of presenters, contact

Terms and Conditions:

  • The abstract submitted adheres to the abstract submission guidelines outlines above.

  • The text of the abstract along with the names and affiliations, poster, powerpoint presentations and/or additional documents as requested will be published on the conference website and book of abstracts, and that this will not raise any copyright issues.

  • This abstract has only been submitted once for BBTS 2019.

  • A submission as a particular presentation type may be changed to a different type following review in order to be accepted and included in the programme.

  • Presenters may be recorded for live streaming. A recording of the presentation and a copy of the slides may be published online after the conference.

  • It is the responsibility of the Presenting Author to submit the abstract. They are the main contact whose responsibility it is to communicate with other co-authors and ensure that they register to be included in the programme.

  • Accepted authors must register by 14 August to confirm acceptance of their offer in the programme. If accepted authors are not registered by this date, they may be removed from the programme.

  • The abstract submitted is in English.

  • The Presenting Author is available to present at the conference on 18 – 20 September 2019.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact the BBTS 2019 Programme Team