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The Infected Blood Inquiry

    About us

     The BBTS is a charitable organisation and was   
     founded in May1983 to deliver high quality education and
     training for our members in the UK and internationally.

BBTS aims to support and develop the field of transfusion for the public benefit. We support the professional community by providing career development and learning opportunities, ensuring the constant advancement of the profession. Our membership base is made up of professionals from across the transfusion community at all levels of their career. From students hoping to enter the field, to those currently working in transfusion, right through to retired professionals hoping to keep up to date with latest developments.  

What is the Infected Blood Inquiry?

The Infected Blood Inquiry is an independent public statutory Inquiry established to examine the circumstances in which men, women and children treated by national health services in the United Kingdom were given infected blood and infected blood products, in particular in the 1970s and 1980s.

It took evidence from 2019 until 2023.

The final report was published on 20 May 2024 on the Infected Blood Inquiry website.

Our commitment to supporting the inquiry

We continue to support the Inquiry and will consider carefully how we can help implement or assist in implementing the recommendations made by the Infected Blood Inquiry.

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