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Keep on learning, don't stop...  BBTS Education

Dr Maya Angelou said, ‘I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn’.  Well, we've all learned over the last year and a half, haven’t we? About ourselves; about others; about who we can count on when the chips are down…. 

The last 18 months have been quite the experience (probably one that few would ever wish to repeat) – and yet as we all know, it is from experience that we learn. 
And we have learned. And we must keep on learning.

The need to maintain and enhance professional transfusion knowledge through education is now more important than ever.  

BBTS Specialist Certificates aim to build and consolidate your core knowledge and understanding, develop your analytical and practical skills and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

There are so many cogent arguments for continual learning; too lengthy to include here, so instead we’ll leave you with a simple but helpful mnemonic to remind us all of the benefits of education:

- improve your own abilities within the workplace
- build up resilience that stands the test of time
- when we know better, we do better
- demonstrate your specialist and independent practice capabilities
- progress your own career and participate in new developments
- keep up to date with the latest advances
- empower others through enhanced knowledge and experience
Opportunity- contribute via committees, student peer groups, task forces
- continual changes/advances require continual professional development

BBTS Specialist Certificate in Stem Cell Transplantation Science  enrolling from 3rd September until 14th October each year.

BBTS Specialist Certificate in Transfusion Science Practice enrolling from 1st October until 12th November each year.

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14 Jun 2024
12:24 am