MSc Advanced Specialist Blood Transfusion

What is the cost for the module/Programme?

I live and work overseas, can I apply or is it only available to UK applicants?

I haven’t done any studying for a while and I only have my nursing qualifications can I apply?

I am a HCPC registered biomedical scientist working in a transfusion laboratory, is this suitable for me?

I am a HCPC registered biomedical scientist working as a Transfusion Practitioner/Haemovigilance Practitioner, is this suitable for me?

How many study days do I need/how many days away from my work place do I need?

To whom do I apply for funding for the programme? Should/Can I submit my application even if funding hasn’t yet been secured?  

When can I apply for the programme?

How many modules will I be expected to study/complete each year?

How will I be assessed?

What if I want to finish at the end of the first year? What happens to my academic credits?

Can I complete the first year, then take a break from studying and re-join at the second year point when I’m ready to continue? Is there a time limit on completing the whole MSc?

It states that this programme has been developed in collaboration with the British Blood Transfusion Society – What does that mean?

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