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Transfusion Evidence Library - Free Access

For a limited period, Transfusion Evidence Library is free to access worldwide, to support transfusion professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More Information:

Transfusion Evidence Alert: COVID-19 Edition
2 June 2020

(The following content is reproduced from an email received on 2 June 2020 from

The Transfusion Evidence Library provides a comprehensive overview of COVID-19 information relevant for transfusion medicine professionals, selected and reviewed by the NHS Blood and Transplant Systematic Review Initiative.


Efficacy and safety of convalescent plasma for severe COVID-19 based on evidence in other severe respiratory viral infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Devasenapathy N., et al. CMAJ 2020


Blood supply strategies facing a reference blood center in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic
Maria de Lourdes Barjas-Castro.,  ISBT Science Series 2020

SARS in Canada: Lessons Learned for the Blood Operator
Devine Dana V., et al.  Transfusion Medicine 2020

Enhanced platelet inhibition treatment improves hypoxemia in patients with severe Covid-19 and hypercoagulability. A case control, proof of concept study
Viecca Maurizio ., et al. Pharmacological Research 2020

Promoting platelets is a therapeutic option to combat severe viral infection of the lung
Qiu Jiahuang., et al. Blood Advances 2020

Temporal Changes in Immune Blood Cell Parameters in COVID-19 Infection and Recovery from Severe Infection
Yip, C. Y., et al. British Journal of Haematology 2020

Fibrinolysis Shutdown Correlates to Thromboembolic Events in Severe COVID-19 Infection
Wright, F. L., et al. Journal of the American College of Surgeons 2020

Anti-Coagulant and Anti-Platelet Therapy in the COVID-19 Patient: A Best Practices Quality Initiative Across a Large Health System
Watson, R. A., et al. Hospital Practice 2020

Thromboembolism and anticoagulant therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic: interim clinical guidance from the anticoagulation forum
Barnes, G. D., et al. Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 2020

How did we rapidly implement a convalescent plasma program?
Budhai, A., et al. Transfusion 2020

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