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Update - Rebuilding BBTS Online CPD

We were expecting that by now the new BBTS website, incorporating a brand new CPD Manager, would be up and running. Unexpected technical and project issues have meant the launch has been pushed back. Due to this delay we have decided to fully reinstate the current BBTS CPD tool.

Please be aware that data cannot be transferred between the existing CPD tool and the new CPD Manager, and unfortunately we can’t yet give an answer on when the switch to the new CPD Manager will take place. We understand that this might be frustrating, but as the new CPD Manager is part of a much wider project, all elements need to be ready before we can launch.

We will give you plenty of warning when we switch from the current CPD tool to the new CPD Manager, allowing ample opportunity for you to download your CPD record and to submit it to BBTS. Please see our previous blog post, Rebuilding BBTS Online CPD for more information.

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26 Jan 2020
5:45 am