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SaBTO Consent for Transfusion consultation

Message on behalf of SaBTO

Consultation on revised Guidelines on Patient Consent for Blood Transfusion

In 2011, SaBTO, the committee that advises Ministers in the four UK Departments of Health on the safety of blood, tissues and organs, produced guidelines on obtaining consent from patients for blood and blood components. 

Since the publication of the guidelines, there have been several notable changes in this area so SaBTO has set up a small working party to review and revise these guidelines.

The working party has drawn up revised guidelines, a copy of which is available to download below. Before the guidelines are submitted to SaBTO, we are seeking to consult on them with both patient and professional individuals and organisations.We would be very grateful if you would read through these draft guidelines and let us have your thoughts and comments. 

We are seeking to consult widely and so we would be happy if you wish to disseminate these draft guidelines widely amongst colleagues and groups that may be affected by these guidelines. 

In responding to this letter, you may wish to coordinate your response on behalf of your organisation but will also be pleased to accept responses from individuals or smaller groups.

We would ask you to send your response using the template below and send the response no later than 10th July 2020 to:

SaBTO at 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the above email.

Thank you for your help.

Andrea Harris,Chair of Guidelines Review Group

James NeubergerChair, SaBTO

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10 May 2021
12:52 am