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Renew for Two New Benefits!

Eluned Cook | Membership Supervisor, BBTS

BBTS is focussed on supporting transfusion professionals with education and continuing professional development (CPD), and with raising the profile of its members and the profession as a whole. 

When you renew your BBTS membership this year you can do so with the confidence that 2019 will bring two brand new member benefits that further both of those aims. This coming membership year, active BBTS members will be offered access to the following:

The affiliate membership to ISBT will enable you to access a whole suite of material on the ISBT educational e-portal, including an e-book, webcasts from ISBT Congresses, and relevant guidelines. Access to these materials can help you with your CPD, with getting noticed by colleagues and potential employers, and improving your workplace performance. 

The ISBT has a reach extending right around the globe and so can offer educational resources of excellent breadth and the highest quality. We’ll be sending out details to BBTS members in the coming months on how they can access this new resource.

In addition, active BBTS members will soon be able to use post-nominal letters: ABBTS, MBBTS, or FBBTS. 

As a BBTS member you are a part of a greatly respected national and international network of transfusion professionals, and post nominal letters will serve as a public recognition of this. The three tiers of post-nominals that BBTS members will be able to use will be based on length of continuous membership, level of involvement with the society, and contribution to the profession. 

Members will be able to use these post-nominal letters after their name to sign off letters and emails, on CVs and business cards, and on applications and other official documentation as a sign of their commitment to their life-saving profession, and their pride in their high professional standards. Look out for future updates on how you can use post-nominal letters to promote your professional status.

These fantastic new benefits will be available to all active members alongside the extensive package of existing benefits that include the BBTS magazine, journal, accredited education courses, discounts on our text books and forthcoming Annual Conference, special interest groups, CPD activities, awards and bursaries, representation for your profession, and links to suppliers.

The full range of opportunities that the BBTS provides are only open to BBTS members, so renew your membership today

If you are signed up to pay by direct debit you don’t need to do anything, we will request payment from your bank on 1st April. If you do not already pay by direct debit, please log in to the BBTS website and go to myBBTS to view your payment options.

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29 Aug 2019
11:02 am

Hi, any news on the ISBT membership please?

26 Jan 2020
5:51 am