Programme of Study - summary overview

The course is delivered via a 12 month structured online curriculum of distance learning through the BBTS website.

The timetable is as follows:

Start: May 2020

Induction Day:
A face-to-face Induction Day in Manchester marks the start of the programme. If you are unable to attend, all relevant information will be made available online shortly after the event. 

End: 2nd or 3rd Saturday in May 2021 

The final examination marks the end of the programme. This takes place in Manchester*. The date will be confirmed and all students informed in August 2020. 

The examination takes place over a full day: 

 *the centralised examination venue and date of exam are non-negotiable

Programme running order: 
Learning materials are normally released on the second or third Wednesday of each month. All materials will remain available to review, once published, until the examination date.


May:                         Immunology (back to basics)/ Antigen-antibody reactions

June:                        Reagents, techniques and controls

July:                         Antibody mediated red cell destruction/ Basic genetics and
                                  transfusion terminology

August:                    The ABO blood group system

September:            The Rh blood group System

October:                  Other blood group systems/ Antibody screening

November:               Antibody identification/ Pre-transfusion testing

December:              Pre-transfusion testing (continued)/ Hazards of transfusion

January:                  Blood components/ Blood donation testing              

February:                Blood donation testing (microbiology)/ Antenatal serology

March:                    Quality/ Revision

April:                       Revision/ Exam practice questions

The full example version of the Programme of Study,along with details of Learning Outcomes and Tasks for each month, can be downloaded below:

An Activity Record Sheet will be posted on the Student Home page on a monthly basis.

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