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NEWS: A Review of Pathogen Inactivation Technologies for Platelets

On behalf of SaBTO

The independent Scientific Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood,Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) has recently completed a review of pathogen inactivation technologies for platelets, and considered their use as a risk reduction measure for platelet transfusion. Those of you who play a part in such transfusions, have an interest in them or prescribe them for patients may be interested to know SaBTO’s conclusions, and read the report that SaBTO has published. 

SaBTO’s report, PathogenInactivation of Platelets: Report of the SaBTO Working Group, was published at

SaBTO considered the risk of bacterial or viral infection being transmitted through a platelet transfusion, and the measures currently in place to prevent it.  SaBTO also reviewed the available evidence on the clinical safety and efficacy of the pathogen inactivation systems for platelets currently available, and modelled their cost-effectiveness; it also noted some operational points raised by the introduction of such technologies.   

SaBTO concluded that it did not currently recommend the implementation of pathogen inactivation of platelets for UK Blood Services.  This decision was based on a range of factors,which are set out in detail in the report.

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21 Feb 2020
2:04 am