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Oliver Memorial Trainee Bursaries | Royal College of Pathologists Transfusion Medicine Sub Committee


Percy Lane Oliver won international renown for creating the world’s first voluntary blood donor service in 1921. Following his death in 1944, funds were raised by his colleagues to be used to perpetuate the memory of his name and work. In addition to the ‘Oliver Memorial Award’, which acknowledges individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to transfusion science, the RC Path Transfusion Science Committee also has funds available to assist student and trainee participation in national and international transfusion related meetings. 


The bursary will be awarded biannually, in spring and autumn, to support the cost of attendance at a national or international transfusion medicine meeting by a trainee clinician or clinical scientist working in the field. 


The ‘Oliver Memorial Trainee Bursaries’ have an annual budget of £1000. Ordinarily, two awards of a maximal value of £500 will be available per year. If awards are not made, or are made of smaller values, additional awards may be offered in subsequent rounds. The bursary may be used to cover costs of transport, registration and accommodation, but not food or drink. The award will be paid retrospectively on presentation of receipts and evidence of attendance by means of a meeting report (see ‘Conditions’). 


National, European and International transfusion meetings occur throughout the year (for example BBTS in September, ASH in December, BSH in April, ISBT in June and December, NATA in April). Therefore applications are considered biannually at the spring and autumn meetings of the RC Pathology Transfusion Medicine Sub Committee. Successful applicants will be informed by the secretariat by 30th April and 31st October each year. 


Applicants are accepted from trainees, on recognised UK training programmes, in either laboratory or clinical aspects of blood transfusion. Applications are restricted to one per person per year. Medical students and biomedical science undergraduates wishing to present work relevant to the field will be considered. The award will be made only once to any individual, however, unsuccessful applicants may reapply at subsequent rounds. Applications from individuals intending to submit a poster or oral presentation, where travel expenses are not being covered by the conference organisers, will be given priority. 


Applicants will not be absolutely required to present work at the meeting, although preference may be given to those who do so. Recipients of an award will be required to submit a short report (approximately 500 words) on some aspect of the meeting, the work that they presented or a summary of the session they attended, to be considered for publication in the trainee section of the College Bulletin. 

Award Panel 

Applications will be considered by the RC Pathology Transfusion Medicine Sub-committee. The committee members may have some discretion in identifying and encouraging applications, however where it is necessary for the committee to vote, members with any conflicts of interest will declare these and will withdraw from the voting process. The names of the committee members can be found from the RC Path secretariat. Appeals may be made in writing to the college president. 


Individuals who wish to apply should complete the application form below

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