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NEWS: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence seeks new member for its independent advisory committee on the use of medical technologies

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is seeking to recruit a secondary care clinician to join its Medical Technologies Advisory Committee (MTAC). MTAC works with the NICE Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme – which exists to improve patient care and release resource within the NHS by driving the adoption and diffusion of innovative medical technologies more quickly throughout the NHS. A wide range of products is notified to NICE for review including medical devices, diagnostic tests and imaging technologies.

MTAC has two core functions: 

Good insights and advice from all relevant specialties and viewpoints are pivotal to the Committee’s judgements for many technologies as is the need to interpret written and oral evidence obtained from experts, manufacturers and patients.

Advisory Committee members are drawn from healthcare professionals, industry representatives, NHS senior management, patients and carers, and academic specialists in health technology assessment. Committee members are not appointed to act as representatives of a particular organisation. They are expected to apply the experience and judgement from their individual backgrounds to the topics considered by the Committee and in doing so actively contribute to improving the quality and consistency of care provided by the NHS through the recommendations made in NICE guidance. They will be helping the Institute make some of the most difficult decisions in public life. 

We currently have vacancies for a Committee member in the following category:


Further information

Secondary care clinician

Applicants must have a keen interest in the evaluation and adoption of innovative technologies.

Applications are particularly welcome from clinicians with an interest, or experience, in the development of new devices or tests.

Time Commitments & Conditions

Committee members attend eleven day-long committee meetings per year as well as an annual Away Day.  In addition, Committee members will need to be able to deal in a timely manner with the reading of substantial Committee documents as well as reviewing and commenting upon the Committee’s provisional recommendations before they are published for consultation. MTAC meetings are held at the NICE offices in Manchester, and dates are fixed and made available to Committee members at least a year in advance. Committee membership is unpaid although expenses, including overnight accommodation, are reimbursed.  The period of Committee membership is for three years in the first instance.

How to Apply

For further information about what the role involves,please use the link below:

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21 Feb 2020
2:42 am