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Rebuilding BBTS Online CPD

Eluned Cook, BBTS Membership Supervisor

Do you use the BBTS online CPD tool? If so, or even if you haven’t used it yet but are CPD-tool-curious, then you need to read this… 

As our online CPD tool approaches its fifth birthday, it’s time for an upgrade. And we have decided to rebuild rather than renovate. As we will be unable to automatically transfer the data from the current system to the new one, we are asking members to bear this in mind when using the current online CPD tool. You can continue as normal for now, recording, submitting and downloading CPD activities. However, please be aware that within the next few months a time will come when the current CPD tool will no longer be accessible and we will ask you to begin afresh with the new CPD Manager.

“But why can’t you just import the data from the old system to the new?” Good question. One form of technology is not always compatible with another. So whilst the new CPD Manager will be familiar in terms of form and function, behind the scenes the technology will be very different. The way that the new CPD Manager stores and organises information will be different, so it is not a like-for-like switch, and you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

“Well, why not just stick with the CPD tool as it is?” Another good question. The BBTS online CPD tool was launched in 2013, becoming an immediate success with over 50% of CPD return submissions that year coming via the online tool. Since then its popularity has grown, and now 90% of returns come via the tool. The number of users of the tool increases year on year. Enhancements have been made in that time but we want to provide further changes that you have asked for, and to make the BBTS online CPD provision robust, flexible and future-proof. The speed at which technology shifts makes 2013 a very long time ago, so we need to start again.

“How will I know when to stop using the old tool and start using the new one?” Once we know the date for the launch of the new CPD manager we will email you to tell you. You will have time to download and save the records that you have stored in the current tool. You will be able to submit the CPD activities that you have recorded in the existing tool up to that point, before you begin recording your activity in the new CPD Manager. We will also be on hand in the BBTS office to answer any queries or to help with any issues that you may have.

The new CPD Manager will offer the same benefits as the existing one, but with a few extras. For example, your CPD activity will be grouped automatically by year, and listed chronologically, you will be able to download your record based on a time frame specified by you, and the new technology supporting the new CPD Manager will make it a benefit of membership that is fit for use for many years to come.

Should you have any queries regarding the BBTS CPD provision, current online CPD tool or new CPD Manager, please do not hesitate to contact the BBTS office.

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21 Feb 2020
3:21 am