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BBTS2016: Support Worker Debate

By Julie Staves

Coping with the day to day staffing issues has always been an important  part of running a transfusion laboratory. This usually involves negotiations with your colleagues in Haematology  and maybe in Chemistry too.  In recent times,  the pressures on staffing has only increased for a whole variety of reasons, including the move to A4C terms and conditions, the introduction of pathology networks, as well as the general need to make cost savings that we have all experienced.  

Some laboratory managers have looked towards the laboratory support workers and their role as a potential solution to how to manage with a smaller number of qualified BMS staff. Now as never before laboratory managers are having to turn to this group of staff to do more There have been many discussions (usually over a pint or glass of wine) at previous BBTS Annual Conferences about what tasks you let your support workers do, although finding 2 people who agree is more difficult.

This year at the conference – the Challenges of Managing a Laboratory session will be holding a debate on the role of the support worker.  I’m expecting a lively discussion relating to what can you let an unqualified worker do and how this fits in with UKAS accreditation and the guidance from the UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative. We’ve put together a panel of laboratory managers who all have different opinions on the subject, so this should be a lively session. If you manage or work in a laboratory come along and give us your opinions. 

Hope to see you there.

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21 Jan 2020
11:40 pm