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BBTS 2016: TeamHaem - Promoting education

By Jennifer Young

TeamHaem will be presenting at the British Blood Transfusion Society conference this year.  TeamHaem was established by a group of Haematology Trainees in the North East.  

Our interest lies in promoting education outside of the classroom, making learning easily accessible and freely available.  As individual learners we were driven to explore alternative forms of learning by the ever increasing demands on time, which limited access to formal teaching. Many people think Social Media does not have a role in medical education, let us convince you otherwise!

Our presentation will look at the numerous tools available via Social Media, some of which apply themselves to medical education more effectively than others.  We will introduce the fundamentals of Twitter (our personal preference and most successful TeamHaem access point) and encourage our audience to tweet their opinions and thoughts! #teamhaem # BBTS.  

Finally we will speak about establishing and maintaining Teamhaem, the rewards, the recognition and the drawbacks of being involved in SoMe (Social Media) medical education. We may even reference a transfusion case or 2!

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21 Feb 2020
2:24 am