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BBTS 2016 Blood Bank Technology SIG

by Steve Tucker - Chair

This year we are focusing on two topics:

Blood Bank Technology – “Good, Bad or just different?”
We all know there is not a 'perfect solution' to our technology needs, but hopefully we can have some debate on what really matters?

We have all seen from NEQAS reports that sometimes a particular technology performs better or worse than others. Jenny White from NEQAS will be highlighting where these variations seem to occur most. Users of the main technologies will then present their own experiences of these variations.

'Antibodies - Passive/aggressive? 
'When is it safe to report  'Not Clinically Significant' against a red cell allo-antibody?
Is it safe to assume an ABO antibody is 'passive'?
Is it safe to drop an IAT crossmatch 3 months post an ABO incompatible Solid Organ Transplant?

We have 3 speakers who will outline case reviews and studies around these questions.  An interesting question which will provoke opinion!

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday morning for some blood banking banter!

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21 Feb 2020
3:49 am