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A New Breed of Networking

by Rachel Moss, Transfusion Practitioner

Transfusion Practitioners are not known for being shy retiring people but when attending a national conference on your own it is sometimes difficult to start interacting with transfusion colleagues, particularly if you don’t know who they are. This year in Harrogate we are having a “Speed Meeting Breakfast” for TPs. This is a brand new idea to BBTS but we hope it will be a regular feature. 

When you register to attend the breakfast you will be asked to put down your top 3 transfusion topics to discuss with colleagues. Perhaps setting up an anaemia clinic, managing an anti-D supplier, establishing an e-learning programme or implementing NICE guidance is what you are interested in or any other transfusion related topics. 
When you first meet you will look for any common topics and then these can be discussed and contact details exchanged for further communication after BBTS. Even if there are no common topics, you can chat about your role, your experiences and you have made a new BBTS transfusion contact. Every encounter broadens the network of those working in transfusion with colleagues across the UK. Each “meet” will last 10 minutes before the bell rings to move on. 

So if you are a TP and coming to BBTS in Harrogate this year sign up for the Speed Meeting Breakfast and come and meet your TP colleagues.

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21 Feb 2020
3:04 am