BBTS Conference 2019

Rare and Novel Blood Groups

Day: Friday  |  Time: 9:00 - 10:30am  |  Room: Queens Suite 3

Chair: Shane Grimsley

Monoclonal anti-s, clone P3BER does not recognize the s antigen in the context of GP(B-A-B) hybrid proteins GP.Mur and GP.Bun or GP(B-A) hybrid, GP.Hil
Jill Storry

Missense mutations in B4GALNT2 in Sd(a‒) individuals with anti-Sda enable genotypic prediction of Sda deficiency and form the basis of a new blood group system
Linn Stenfelt

A novel molecular basis for the rare GIL− phenotype
Benjamin Jones

Two novel A4GALT null alleles detected in patients with the p phenotype
Louise Tilley