BBTS Conference 2019

Plenary 3 : BBTS Question Time

Day: Thursday  |   Time: 16:15 - 17:30  |  Room: Auditorium

Session Chair: 
Bill Chaffe

Intended Audience
All conference delegates will enjoy the mix of lively debate, stimulating questions and the occasional surprise response

Learning Objectives
The most up to date and relevant topics in transfusion get discussed. It is an open forum so anything can be asked, and everyone's input is welcomed. A problem shared is a problem halved, find out what everyone else is doing and take the ideas back to your workplace.

Brief Description
BBTS Question Time is back again where the audience ask and answer questions on the hot transfusion topics of the day

Session Tags
Blood Donation, Components & Safety
Diagnostics, Science & Technology
Improving Patient Outcomes
Quality, Regulation & Governance
Cellular Therapies, Tissues and Cells