BBTS Conference 2019

Why do O RhD neg red cells cause such big problems?

Day: Thursday  |   Time: 13:45 - 15:15

Session Coordinators: 
Julie Staves & Yvonne Scott


Laboratory networks relating to transfusion requirements
Mrs Debbie Asher, Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The role of a Consultant Clinical Scientist in the Hospital laboratory
Mrs Samantha Harle-Stephens

IT functionality to aid the transfusion laboratory- what are we missing?
Mr Chris Elliott, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Brief Description
This session will look at how transfusion laboratories are developing to work within the changing face of the NHS. We are considering networks, the role of the consultant scientist and how we can use IT to improve working practises and limit errors.

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Diagnostics, Science & Technology