BBTS Conference 2016

Margaret Kenwright & Scientific Orals

Day: Friday  |   Time: 09:00 - 10:30   |  Room: 3

Session Coordinators: Clare Milkins, Jenny White and Nicole Thornton 

Next generation sequencing of JK (SLC14A1) gene reveals higher frequency of variant alleles, novel allele-defining SNPs (allele reference fingerprints) and reassignment of a purported JKnull allele
M. Altayar

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The use of EDTA in theLuminex HLA antibody test assay improved treatment of an ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) patient – a case study
K. Mepani

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A new high incidence antigen of the Indian blood group system
B. Jones

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Red blood cell genotyping to reduce alloimmunisation and improve blood selection for haemoglobinopathy patients
K. Desay

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Severe ABO-haemolytic disease of foetus and newborn requiring exchange transfusion: three neonatal cases
S. Malhotra

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Investigating the prospect of applying RHD genotyping to develop optimal transfusion strategies for weak D patients in Ireland
P. Holton

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