BBTS Conference 2016

Challenges of Managing a Laboratory

Day: Thursday  |   Time: 14:00 - 15:30   |  Room: 3

Session Coordinators: Dan Hollyman and Julie Staves

Session Chair: Yvonne Scott


Julie Staves
Transfusion Laboratory Manager, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Kerry Dowling
Transfusion Laboratory Manager,  Southampton General Hospital

Brian Robertson
Transfusion Laboratory Manager, St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial Healthcare

Malcolm Robinson
Transfusion Laboratory Manager, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Intended Audience:
Transfusion Laboratory Managers, Quality Managers, BMS staff, Medical staff with responsibility for a Transfusion Laboratory

Learning Objectives:
The increased use of support workers in a transfusion laboratory is becoming more widespread. The issues around this are varied and should be considered. This debate is to highlight issues but also look at potential solutions.

Brief Description:

The use of support workers in the Transfusion Laboratory: A debate
What do you let them do?, What level of supervision is needed?

Abstract Oral Presentations:

Transfusion reasons for cancellation of patient surgery
Fiona Regan

Communication and planning in an antenatal patient with anti-Jr(a)
Julie Staves

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